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A Brief Escape


A bi-weekly series about the people, projects, and communities inspired by video games.

Hosted and edited by Dan McKenney


John Warner is the sole developer at Over The Moon Games, and creator of The Fall.  Inspired by Super Metroid and The Secret of Monkey Island, The Fall puts players in control of ARID, a military AI on board a combat suit whose human pilot is unconscious and in critical condition.  John joins us to talk about the development of The Fall, crunch as an indie compared to crunch in AAA, and launching a relatively unknown game on Steam. 

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Previously: Ep. 4 -- Swaps (Writer,  Mass Effect fan, creator of Exordium) 




Jewel of Enchasa by Omni-Psyence and TeraCMusic -- Hosted on OCRemix

"Civic" and accompanying dialogue from The Fall

Remembering Who I Am by MercuryAdept from Harmony of a Hunter

Oh Martin! by Parallax Projection -- Hosted on Soundcloud