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A Brief Escape


A bi-weekly series about the people, projects, and communities inspired by video games.

Hosted and edited by Dan McKenney


Gillian Smith is an assistant professor at Northeastern University in Computer Science and Game Design and holds a PhD in Computer Science from UC Santa Cruz. Her work focuses on controllable procedural content generators and how these generators can be used to create new experiences in games. She joins the show to talk about procedural generation, explore future design possibilities, and highlight games using procedural generation in interesting ways.

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Previously: Ep. 5 -- John Warner (Programmer, Over the Moon Games, Creator of The Fall)




"Equivocal," "Celestial Subterrane," and "Casinotheque" by Xenon Odyssey

"Clocktown" by Theophany (originally from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask)

"Squishy's Theme" by The Orichalcon (an arrangement of Mice on Venus (original) by C418 from Minecraft)