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A Brief Escape

A bi weekly series on the people inspired by video games. Episode 7 -- Featuring Patrick Klepek on Horror Games.


A bi-weekly series about the people, projects, and communities inspired by video games.

Hosted and edited by Dan McKenney

Letter From The Editor

Hi folks! I'm going to be taking the rest of November off, and return with a new episode of the show in December. I took a new day job that's been a lot of work getting adjusted to, and I've fallen a little behind with school. If you're a Patreon backer, you won't be charged for this month.

Below, you'll find a selection of some of my favorite episodes of A Brief Escape. Thanks for listening, and I'll be back soon. -- Dan

Episode 7 -- Patrick Klepek (Spookin' with scoops)


Patrick Klepek is the senior news editor for the video game site Giant Bomb. He is also co-host of the site's Bombin' the AM morning show and regularly hosts livestreams of horror games (both old and new). Patrick has a deep appreciation for horror games and films, and his Spookin' With Scoops livestreams allow him to share his thoughts and experiences with an audience that may not normally explore the genre on their own. Patrick has also presented a number of  valuable talks on game criticism and striving for more balanced discourse online.

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Gillian Smith is an assistant professor at Northeastern University in Computer Science and Game Design and holds a PhD in Computer Science from UC Santa Cruz. Her work focuses on controllable procedural content generators and how these generators can be used to create new experiences in games. She joins the show to talk about procedural generation, explore future design possibilities, and highlight games using procedural generation in interesting ways.


Jami Carignan talks about making music using a Game Boy, performing live concerts in Japan, and returning to Real Life. Will O'Neill goes into the development of Actual Sunlight and his experience exhibiting at PAX East 2014. Iker P. Maidagan tells the story of MundoRare, one of the largest Rare fansites and communities that fell out of love with the company. Art for this episode is by John Ryan Abbott.


Michael Damiani talks about discovering the Zelda series for the first time and how he founded the Zelda news site, The Hylia. Eric Buchholz recounts the history of Zelda Reorchestrated and why their biggest project, Twilight Symphony, never saw a commercial release. Sarah Scott and Clinton Jones from The Zelda Project share stories from the production of their upcoming Zelda short film and discuss the work involved.