Episode #231 - Best Cube

Welcome, my friend. Come in from the cold and have no fear. We are always happy to welcome a new Child of the Cube into our flock. There is no war here. No famine. We have abandoned the primitive concepts of Good and Evil for the Six Sacred Sides. Shhhh…listen. Can you hear it? The hum of the Cube, calling on all of us to destroy the Sky Spheres?

Posted on November 30, 2018 .

Episode #230 - Best Egg

We’ve assembled all our best yolks for an eggcellent episode! Scramble together with your friends for an hour of Humpty Shaming, in-depth analysis of Reese’s Eggs, and a shocking revelation about how Yoshi turns enemies into eggs. I’m just saying…have you ever seen Yoshi use a restroom? Didn’t think so.

Posted on November 17, 2018 .

Episode #229 - Best Birthday

Cullen Jennings had a birthday this week, so we got him two amazing gifts to celebrate. Dan got him a new, much longer nickname than “Country Breakfast” and Persia got him a solid hour of really mean slams recorded live from a LAN Center. I’m not sure which he enjoyed more.

Posted on November 9, 2018 .