Episode #209 - Best Pastry

Remember that time Jesse said chips without cheese are nachos? Do you remember that? Remember how you thought it couldn't really get worse? The good ol' days where all was right in the world? Just treasure that memory of a pre-Jesse-creampuff-without-cream world. Hold on tight to it. Never let it go.

Posted on June 22, 2018 .

Episode #208 - Tournament of Champions XII

You know how in movies sometimes when a character is near death or going through a crisis, and suddenly every choice they made and regret in life they had confronts them in a cold dark ether of nothingness? That's basically what the Tournament of Champions is like. Plus, it's an E3 karaoke jamboree in the end-of-show game as we learn together what it sounds like when the soundboard gets out of sync.

Posted on June 15, 2018 .

Episode #207 - Best Office Supply

Before we began recording, Jesse fixed himself a little cocktail of Fireball and Pepsi Max. Turns out this is the secret potion that turns Jesse into an angry stand-up comic from Boston we now know as The Blast Master, and he's got opinions about office birthday cards. Stick around at the end of the show for a new game called If I Could Turn Back Time. Or "Audio Nightmare" might be more fitting.

Posted on June 8, 2018 .

Episode #205 - Best Jewelry

Cullen Jennings returns with a fresh new [BRACKET!]! Oh, but you thought the old lady dropped it in the ocean at the end? Well baby, we went down and got it for you. Join us for a polished hour of comedy as we take these 16 pieces of jewelry to the local pawn shop to see if we can buy a Nintendo or something. Guy says this Millennium Puzzle is going to sit on his shelf for months waiting for *one* person who *might* buy it, but I've done my homework and there are people selling Millennium Eyes on eBay for like $10,000. 

Posted on May 25, 2018 .