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Episode #145 - Best Fictional Sport

Special Guest and Very Good KicksMan Chris Kluwe returns to pit bloodsport against laser tag against the laziest game J.K. Rowling could have invented...okay. Woof. I'm sorry. I can't keep writing this episode description pretending we didn't goof this bracket up real bad. And I know you're thinking "Hey par for the course for you chucklefucks" but like....MAN. WOOF. Swing and a miss. 

Posted on January 25, 2017 and filed under with Chris Kluwe.

Episode #143 - Best Paw & John's Season of Changes

Hello new listener! Maybe don't start with this episode because BOW HOWDY is it a rough one to start with. Our guest went missing this week, so we did the most reasonable thing: recorded ourselves talking about nonsense for about 50 minutes, then doing a 20-minute four entry bracket. Please enjoy this look behind the scenes at what goes down before we start an episode, from building a Best Fictional Sport bracket to John signing up for a Crunchyroll account.

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Episode #069 (That's The Sex Number) - Best Party Snacks

Best Party Snack:

[SPOILER!] View the final completed bracket.

Special guest Chris Kluwe, former NFL player, co-author of Prime: A Genesis Series Event and general internet cool guy joins us to chow down on the Season 5 premiere, Best Party Snack. Meanwhile Greg takes a firm stand against Nachos and already doesn't care that you're upset about it, Cullen explains amazing and disgusting ways to host a party, and we introduce Eric the Stat Guy.