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Episode #130 - Best Blood

Special Guest Jessica Michelle Singleton returns to [BRACKET!] to help us with our coagulation contemplation. Cullen destroys a home with fake blood, while John forgets how blood vessels work. Dan tells the true story of the Fox and the Hound and predicts the future.

Episode #104 - Best Princes

Special guest Jessica Michelle Singleton, comedian and friend of the show, joins us for the absolutely royal Best Prince. Meanwhile Jesse discovers live on air what a Prince Albert is, Greg explains what caused him to chant Hail Satan today (besides his allegiance to Satan), and John informs us all how huge Thor's donger is.

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Click for final results

Episode #072 - Best Party

Best Party:

Special guest Jessica Michelle Williams joins us to party down catering service with Best Party. Meanwhile Greg reveals his surefire legendary bachelor parties, Cullen reveals the best cake ever, and John is just especially cute in this one, I don't know, I just think he's cute. So is Jesse. We're all so fucking cute.

Episode #063 - Best Boy Bands

Best Boy Band:

[SPOILER!] View the final completed bracket.

Special guest Jessica Michael Singleton joins us to tear up your heart when we choose the Best Boy Band. Meanwhile Greg Meets the Beeples, Cullen explains the hidden history behind LFO's masterful songwriting, and Jesse explains the fascinating technology behind Hit Clips.