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Episode #134 - Best Pop-Tart

Abigail Tyson and Sean Baptiste from Adult Swim's Lunchtime Games join us for a toaster pastry throwdown! Cullen walks us through the Do's and Dont's of consuming toxic items in your pantry. Dan spreads the good word of "Freeze 'Em, Then Eat 'Em!" dessert Pop-Tarts. Jesse champions the classics in his most fired-up episode yet. 

Episode #076 - Best High School Cliques

Click for Final Outcome

Click for Final Outcome

Best High School Clique

Special guest Sean Baptiste joins the show once again to relive all the painful memories of High School Cliques. Meanwhile Jesse helps us discover the Iron Man of Juggalos, Greg explains why he can’t be around theater people for five god damn minutes, and find out what anime character Cullen owns silk shirts of.

Episode #056 - Best Fears

Best Fears:

[SPOILER!] View final completed bracket.

Friend of the show Sean Baptiste of Firehose Games, creator of Let's Quip, joins us once again to discuss the creepiest crawliest aspect of the human psyche, Best Fear. Meanwhile the gang explores the reproductive intricacies of the Suriname Toad, discovers how to get intimate with a bus, and Greg is continuing at this very moment to grapple with the concept of a world in which spiders can float.


Episode #041 - Best Weird Relative at a Family Gathering

Round 1 Entrants:

Special guest Sean Baptiste of Fire Hose Games, makers of Let's Quip! joins us at a very special time of year when all the family sets aside their differences and acts totally messed up. Jesse refuses to explain his Cousin Situation, Cullen explains the best way to get free CDs, and we cumulatively decide which of the entries we all are.

[SPOILER!] View the final completed bracket here.