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Episode #156 - Best School Lunch

Abed Gheith returns to kick off Season Ten and help decide which iconic school lunch will be this month's Manager Special. John eats lunch in the bathroom while Cullen feeds people knuckle sandwiches. Jesse finds a surprise inside his chicken patty, and Dan once fished a sandwich out of the trash can and nobody saw EXCEPT MIKE IN SECOND GRADE who just *had* to tell a lunch monitor because he's a little dirtbag.

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Episode #098 - Best Ball

Special guest Abed Gheith joins us once again for...look, we'll be honest with you here. We picked Best Ball because we thought it was funny. And it is! This is a really good episode. I mean, yes, it's an episode about balls. Ball jokes happen. It happens. But it's a really good episode, I promise. Meanwhile Jesse explains his role as the reincarnation of a famous TV star, Cullen explains his lifelong obsession with Truck Nuts, and Greg discovers which came first: Boba Fett, or Boba Bubble Tea.

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Episode #057 - Best Robots

Best Robot:

[SPOILER!] View the final completed bracket here.

Friend of the show Abed Gheith joins us once again for the episode everybody named Greg L. Mercer has been waiting for, Best Robot. Meanwhile everybody makes an overwhelming number of poor choices, Greg explains the upcoming Roomba overthrow, and John doesn't understand that if you get transformed from a human into a robot and don't have any biological components left, you're still a robot now.

Episode #050 - Best Cuss Words

Best Cuss Word:

[SPOILER!] View the final completed bracket here.

Special guest Abed Gheith, writer, actor and comedian joins us to get downright vulgar with Best Cuss Words. Meanwhile the group debates the beauty of the english language, Greg explains the complexities of the asshole, and Jesse gets maybe the best burn of all [BRACKET!] history on Cullen.