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Episode #078 - Best Sounds

Click for final outcome

Click for final outcome

Best Sound:

Special guest Mila Pokorny, game designer and artist, joins us to present the Best Sounds directly into your ears. Meanwhile Greg explains what game has the worst menu sounds of all time, Cullen explains how someone truly earns a leather jacket, and we say "baby giggles" so much because it's really fun to say out loud.

Episode #054 - Best Wizards


[SPOILER!] View the final completed bracket.

Special guest artist, illustrator and creator of magical girl card game Mahou Shojo Mila Pokorny summons arcane expertise to help us decide Best Wizard. Meanwhile Cullen runs us through his new segment Sports Corner, Greg discovers what new buddy cop movie he has always wanted, and we spend an awful lot of time talking about movies that aren't very good at all.