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Episode #081 - Best Frozen Treats

Click to see final results

Click to see final results

Best Frozen Treat

Special guest Aubrey Sitterson of Straight Shoot and SKALD joins us to close out the summer months with a scrumptious frozen treat. Meanwhile John invents the concept of a Float Sommelier, Cullen makes frozen banana with nuts dick jokes, and Greg complains a lot about the structure of this particular bracket (because it is WRONG).


Episode #60 - Best Fantasy Settings

Best Fantasy Setting:

[SPOILER!] View the final completed bracket.

Special guest Aubrey Sitterson, host of Straight Shoot and creator of SKALD joins us to travel to a magical far away place called Best Fantasy Setting. Meanwhile Greg denounces the land of Skoyrum, the brack pack learns which character is "the Quidditch of Dragonball," and we experience The Most Contentious Sweep in Bracket History.