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Episode #217 - Best Pocket

It's super hard to write these episode descriptions when you're not actually on the episode. From what I've gathered, this one is about pockets. Let's go ahead and look at the entries here...Hot Pockets of course. Pocket Monster, yup on brand. Pocket full of sunshine! Eclectic. Pocket rocket...hmm never heard of that. Let me just go ahead and take a big sip of coffee before I Google this.

Posted on August 10, 2018 .

Episode #205 - Best Jewelry

Cullen Jennings returns with a fresh new [BRACKET!]! Oh, but you thought the old lady dropped it in the ocean at the end? Well baby, we went down and got it for you. Join us for a polished hour of comedy as we take these 16 pieces of jewelry to the local pawn shop to see if we can buy a Nintendo or something. Guy says this Millennium Puzzle is going to sit on his shelf for months waiting for *one* person who *might* buy it, but I've done my homework and there are people selling Millennium Eyes on eBay for like $10,000. 

Posted on May 25, 2018 .