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Episode #016 - Best Methods of Apocalypse

Round 1 Entrants:

Special guest Sarah "Astro" Thomas joins us to discuss THE END OF ALL THINGS, WOE UNTO THOSE WHO LIVE DURING THE DEATH OF LIFE ITSELF! Meanwhile Jesse gets a package from a friend of the show, and we reveal the details of our FIRST EVER [BRACKET!] giveaway!

[SPOILER!] View the final completed bracket here.

Episode #004 - Best Action Movie One-Liners



Our regular host John Abbot is still dead (this isn't an episode of Scandal, people don't just come back from the dead (can we talk about how fun it is to watch Scandal tho)), so three great chums team up to discuss action movie one-liners.

[SPOILER!] View the completed final bracket here: