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Episode #074 - Best Emoji

[SPOILER!] Click to see Final Results

[SPOILER!] Click to see Final Results

Best Emoji:

Special guest Michaela Dietz, voice of Amethyst on Steven Universe and friend of the show, joins us once again to discuss the hippest, coolest, dumbest, most cutting edge method of communication: Emoji. Meanwhile Greg writes a screenplay based on the life of Information Desk Person, Cullen forever corrupts the Person With Folded Hands emoji, and John once more brings about the eternal battle between Goth Cousin and Drunk Uncle.


Episode #058 - Best Cookies

Best Cookie:

Special guest Michaela Dietz, voice actress for Amethyst on Steven Universe joins us to get crumbly on Best Cookie. Meanwhile Cullen explains How To Make Money At Phish Concerts Without Really Trying, John shares his mystic hat-related destiny, and Jesse doesn't know whether or not one of the entries on the bracket would kill him if eaten.