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Episode #114 - Best Condiments

Click for final results

Click for final results

Special guest and friend of the show Abbie Maley joins us once again to pour it on with Best Condiments. Meanwhile Greg invents Chunky Mustard, Jesse legitimately understands barbecue sauce yet can't win the ongoing battle of ketchup, and John pays people to eat his horrible balls. Coming soon: Bracket Barbajam!

Episode #077 - Female Pop Star

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Click to view final results

Best Female Pop Star:

Special guest Abbie Maley joins us to...alright, look.  I'm going to level with you, here: you're gonna get mad about this one. People you hold as idols are destroyed. Just remember, we're always correct and you should never question that. Meanwhile, Jesse reveals his first roller-rink moment with Cher, John reveals the only thing he ever argues with Cullen about, and the whole cast chooses not to discuss Gummo.

Episode #052 - Best Cereals


[SPOILER!] View final completed bracket here.

Special guest Abbie Maley joins us to discuss the imbalanced, incomplete breakfast of champions, cereal. Meanwhile Greg has shocking revelations regarding the nature of mascots and their associations with their products, Jesse talks about the time he shotgunned six bowls of Captain Crunch in one sitting, and John apparently thinks I shave my chest in the episode art.