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Episode #127 - Best Baby

Comic Roulette's Alex Jaffe returns to [BRACKET!] to talk smack about cartoon babies. John describes in detail the Three Sins of Bamm Bamm, while Cullen wants to get wit'cha and take your picture. Jesse is on Tasteless Joke Patrol. Dan is curious what it sounds like when a Pokemon cusses.

Episode #112 - Best Mad Scientists

Special guest Alex Jaffe, editor of Bartkira and Comic Roulette graciously returns after a lost episode and joins us to concoct a method of determining the Best Mad Scientist. Meanwhile Greg gives an official ruling on the house's stance on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II, Jesse explains why he can't vote for Princess Bubblegum, and John explains why Rusty Venture doesn't belong on this list in the first place.

Episode #092 - Best Nintendo Properties

Special guest Alex Jaffe, Editor-in-Chief of Comic Roulette joins us to fire-flower metroids and throw pokeballs at squidkids in Best Nintendo Property. Meanwhile Greg reveals his greatest 3DS-based shame, John explains why Splatoon is Nintendo's future, and Cullen just can't seem to pick a winning side.


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