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Episode #204 - Best Book You Had To Read In School

That's right slackers, it's time for a pop quiz on the sixteen storybooks you were assigned at the start of the summer. 1984, The Scarlet Letter, Of Mice & Men....why do you look confused? Don't tell me you forgot? Oh for the love of god. We invited special guest and friend of the show Dr. Alex Roederer to today's class and...wait. Where's Cullen Jennings? It's the first day of the semester, people.

Posted on May 11, 2018 and filed under with Alex Roederer.

Episode #147 -- Best Duck

I hope y'all are ready to have your minds blown by the incredible audio technology we have at our disposal. After we lost 23 minutes of Jesse's audio, we spent $10,000 on digitally recreating the voice of Jesse Knowles. It's incredible, we can make it sound like Jesse is saying anything. I'm going to have him read the script to Ellen's Energy Adventure ride at Epcot next. 

Oh and get ready to talk about some ducks with our good friend and Pokemon Researcher Dr. Alex Roederer.

Posted on February 8, 2017 and filed under with Alex Roederer.