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Episode #158 - Best Dog

Billy Gagon from Dingo Dog Brewing Co. returns after a 135 episode hiatus for what may be one of our wildest episodes ever. No, really. Maybe don't start with this one as your first episode. John wills a meme into existence while Jesse tries to reclaim "Doggy-Style" as a hip new phrase all the teens are saying. Cullen takes a deep dive into the Baha Men. Dan is just happy to talk about the 100 Good Deeds of Eddie McDowd.

Posted on April 26, 2017 and filed under with Billy Gagon.

Episode #023 - Best Jackass Stunts

Round 1 Entrants:

Special guest Billy Gagon joins us to BMX joust, Rocky, and (sigh) Poo Cocktail Supreme. Meanwhile John laments a previous vote, and Greg worries about future job interviews.

[SPOILERS!] View the final completed bracket here.