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Episode #190 - Best Gas Station Snack

The best b-team in the business is taking over the podcast this week while Cullen and Jesse recuperate from MAGFest! Join Dan, Diana, Colin, and Zakira on our own Canterbury Tales-esque trip to the gas station on the corner. We're gonna need you to distract the teen at the county while we fill these 40s with Slurp. Come on don't be a baby just do it.

    Posted on January 12, 2018 and filed under with Colin Padgett-Arnold, with Zakira, with Diana.

    Episode #154 - Best Fantasy Race

    Colin Padgett Arnold, our resident Bestiary expert and co-host of Creature Culture, joins our medieval melee that will separate the orcs from the elves and the merfolk from the WaveRace64s. Honestly this entire bracket is just one big excuse for us to debate Giants vs. Smurfs, slam dunk on some Gorons, and make references to our Dungeons & Dragons adventures. Stick around at the end to prepare for next week's Tournament of Champions!

    Posted on March 29, 2017 and filed under with Colin Padgett-Arnold.

    Episode #136 - Best Improvised Weapon

    Colin & Gnollbard from Creature Culture join us to fight fireworks with coffee pots! Cullen sets off an explosion in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Dan straps a tomahawk to a La-Z-Boy. John gets a geography lesson and sets up underground Frankenstein fights.

    Episode #115 - Best Knights

    Special guest Colin Padgett-Arnold of Creature Culture and opinions about beer joins us to get regal with Best Knights! Meanwhile Greg debates whether a favorite entry actually deserves to be on the bracket at all, Cullen discusses his Martin Lawrence Memories, and Jesse yet again has not seen a universally beloved classic film. Plus, stay tuned after the show (in place of voicemails, since we didn't get any) for our BRAX East segment brought to you by Dan McKenney!