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Episode #123 - Best Date

Eden and Fin from Going Down With Ship join us to let sparks fly and reminisce about high school dates. Dan kicks off a long-term relationship with Mos Def and Jack Black. Cullen scores the USA a Gold Medal in "Proms." Eden and Fin teach us about MTV Dating Shows, and Jesse uses this episode as a therapy session.

Episode #082 - Best Missing Hands

Click to view final outcome

Click to view final outcome

Best Missing Hand

Special guest Fin Hickey, animator and illustrator, joins us once again to discuss the best fictional character who has less than the traditionally assumed number of hands. Meanwhile John discusses the aesthetics of beefy robotic arms, Cullen repeats the phrase “Candarian Demon” over and over, and Greg makes an amazing Natalie Imbruglia goof that goes totally unnoticed.

Episode #031 - Best Disney Villains

Round 1 Entrants:

Special guest Fin, illustrator and artist on the game Date or Die joins us to discuss the most fearsome and also beautifully animated antagonists of childhood, Disney Villains. Meanwhile Cullen faces the Second Season Bracket Catastrophe Session everyone else has had at least a few times now, and we all decide which Disney villains should date each other.