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Episode #159 - Best Eye

Sound.wav's Nell Bailey makes a terrible mistake and joins us for a no-good very bad episode all about everyone's favorite organ: eyes! John summons a Blue Eyes White Dragon while placing a Trap Card face-down. Cullen changes the lyrics, title, and really the whole meaning of Brown-Eyed Girl. Jesse gives Sauron new powers. Dan has regrets.

Posted on May 3, 2017 and filed under with Nell Bailey.

Episode #129 - Best Werewolf

Special Guests Nell Bailey & Greg L. Mercer from sound.wav join us to kick off Spooky Month, the annual [BRACKET!] tradition of Halloween-themed episodes throughout October. Please enjoy this extra-length episode in which at least 30 minutes are spent on Sonic the Hedgehog and some dude from Harry Potter.

Episode #118 - Best Murder Weapon

Special guest Nell Bailey, illustrator, friend of the show, and host of SOUND.wav, joins us once again to determine the best murder weapon. Meanwhile Dan recites the best line in all of Catfish, John reveals his Pokemon typing preferences, and nobody actually has much of an idea as to what a bullwhip technically is.

(WARNING: This episode, technically, contains a very minor Captain America: Civil War spoiler.)

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Episode #086 - Best Costumes

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Best Costume

Special guest Nell Bailey, prolific cosplayer and host of Transformers comics Lets Read podcast Sound.wav helps us open season 6 with Best Costume. Meanwhile Greg explains his Shia LaBeouf costume, Jesse reveals the absolute best way to get him back to your place for Netflix and chill, and the whole gang confuses the idea of "costume" with the actual entry. Also we introduce our new season 6 mechanic, the [BRACKET!] HOT SEAT.