Leo: 2000    Manglor: 21000        Jezebella: 2000    Mikhail: 2400        Jingle: 2100

Winklestein's Magic Flavor Best #1 Dragon Chewing Gum

Cost: 400

A 5-pack of foil-wrapped chewing gum strips, packaged in a purple damask paper envelope. It looks old. Each strip is a different color:

-Green (Piercing; a volley of razor-sharp wooden thorns fires from your mouth)

-Purple (Psychic; a beam of condensed thought erupts from your eyes)

-Blue (Fire; a blast of blue-hot flame erupts from your mouth)

-Yellow (Lightning; a shower of electric sparks pours through your nostrils)

-White (Thunder; a powerful crack of thunder emerges from your mouth)

The gum is brittle and tastes stale. When chewed, a player may use a breath-based magical ability, even if that ability has been exhausted. Any damage done by that ability changes to the type designated by the color of the gum chewed. Each piece of gum may only be chewed once, you disgusting person. After chewing, the subject is left with delightfully fresh breath.

The gum also comes with a limited edition trading card with a dragon on it. Includes "Dragon Facts" like "Dragons will probably kill you" and "Dragons are not allergic to peanut butter."


King Carvel Crystal Cold Coronet

Cost: 500

A heavy spiral-shaped crown, made of silver with chalcedony inlay. Wearing it makes your ears cold.

When casting a spell which produces projectiles, if the player's attack roll exceeds the value it needs to hit by greater than 3, the player may change the projectile to be a frost projectile, which changes the type of damage done to cold damage. The size/shape/range of the projectile does not otherwise change


Blood-Chance Hourglass

Cost: 500

A brass armillary sphere on a long chain necklace. In the center of the sphere is a small hourglass filled with white sand.

When worn during combat, as a minor action, the user may turn over the hourglass; as the sand passes through the hourglass, the bottom chamber begins to fill with the user's blood.

That turn, and each of the user's subsequent turns until they are out of combat, the user takes 5 points of damage. While the hourglass is overturned, the user doubles any damage they deal.

Once combat ends, the blood in the hourglass turns back to sand. Turning the hourglass while not engaged in combat does nothing.

Pocket Sand!

Cost: 450

A small pouch of sand that you can use once per fight by reaching in and throwing sand in the eyes of an enemy while yelling "Pocket Sand!" causing the enemy disadvantage for 2 turns. Must be used within 10 feet

Refills sand magically after combat so we don't have a whole deal about trying to find more sand to fill the pouch with in the middle of an adventure

Nipple's Greataxe

Cost: 700

20 lb Enchanted Greataxe. 1d10 slashing

When wielder attacks while below half max health, add +5 to the weapon's damage. If the wielder drops below 0 health, but doesn't die, instead of passing out they trigger Nipple's Rage.

Nipple's Rage: You lose complete control of yourself and will attack whoever is the closest to you, friend or foe. You continue to attack the closest target to you until you kill something. The effect only ends when the wielder kills, is killed, or has the curse removed. If you are still below 0 health after killing someone, pass out as normal.

Coin of Truths

Cost: 300

If flipped while someone is speaking, or flipped directly after a statement is made, it will always come up heads if the speaker is telling the truth (to their knowledge) or tails if the speaker is purposefully lying. Whomever holds the coin cannot lie outright.

The False Moustache of False Power

Cost: 300

Wearing this delightfully furry faux-stache gives the wielder the look of a person of governmental importance. If called under scrutiny, the bestached gains advantage on their Bluff check to impersonate an officer of the law or member of government.

The Four Gold Chains of Shabba

Cost: 500

User can spend 50 gold pieces to temporarily grant +4 to their AC. Display of wealth must be made before the attack roll. Like all of Shabba's items, it's cursed as hell.


The Beetle Battle Buddy

Cost: 600

A large flying beetle bred and trained to fight, it can be sent out to pester one enemy within 10 feet to impose disadvantage on their next attack roll. The beetle is so heavy, it tires easily and can only be used three times before needing a long rest


Joey's Horchata

Cost: 800

A delicious potion made from rice, cinnamon, sugar, and Gramma Hortada's patented herbs and spices. Gives you bonus damage against punk monsters who aren't worth your time and raises the DC of any charm effect you create. Working in the Family Business? Joey's Horchata increases sneak attack dice by one step and adds an additional weapon damage die to Coup de Gras attacks. It'll make you feel like the biggest man in Pendrift, making you resistant to psychic damage.

Warning: makes you incapable of resisting illusions, contains high fructose corn syrup.




Resource dump


Cullen: Character Sheet

Janel: Character Sheet and Spell List

Greg: Character Sheet and Spell List

Jesse: Character Sheet and Spell List and Wild Shapes


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