Chapter X.2 -- Rudy's Last Ride

The party faces a familiar foe, and Leo suffers a startling transformation. Manglor and Santa have a jumping high-five. Jingle reviews proper cyber-security rules. Mikhail learns how to fly, and Jezebella gets electric (boogie woogie woogie).

Posted on December 23, 2015 .

Chapter 5.6 -- A Beary Good Time

A player cheats and suffers the consequences. Mikhail does a really cool stunt and beefs the landing. Manglor makes a friend for life. Jezebella starts dealing out Manglor-sized damage, and Jingle casts spells that don't really do anything. Leo's gone fishing.

Chapter 5.4 -- Buyer's Remorse

Warning: some graphic description of operation for 2 minutes when you hear Careless Whisper

Writer and tweeter extraordinaire Christina Raus joins us to take control of Jezebella while Janel is on assignment at Harry Potter Land, while the party visits the Dancing Daggers Pop-Up Shop to buy listener-submitted items! Leo gets ripped off, and Jezebella gets some new threads. Mikhail undergoes an operation, and Manglor gets a new favorite toy. Jingle saves for retirement.

THANK YOU TO: Max Reenan, Colin Arnold, Doug Drew,  JD Jooste, John Clemons, Chris Levine, and everyone else who submitted items!

Chapter 5.2 -- Goodnight John Boy

The party gets a good night's sleep. Manglor opts out of the Master Bedroom. Mikhail curls up in the lawn. Jingle finds a nice sock drawer to sleep in, while Jezebella and Leo have fun with a hermit crab. Mayor Portlyman wakes up on fire.

Chapter 5.1 -- Jingle Jangle

The Pentrift Bombers wine and dine with a new friend. Manglor makes a personal connection with the wait staff. Leo slips on marbles. Jezebella gets a little wine-drunk. Mikhail curls up under a dinner table. Jingle makes his debut.

Chapter 4.11 -- Volcano Island

The party journeys to the center of Volcano Island and discovers the source of the volcano's eruptions. Mikhail spends most of the episode casting Healing Word. Jezebella sends darts through the fire and the flame. Manglor gets beat up, and Leo learns how not to sneak attack.