SKYBOX (2016) & A BRIEF ESCAPE (2014-15)

Hi! Dan here. Before I joined [BRACKET!], I created a couple video game podcasts people really enjoyed. Both were featured in iTunes several times as New & Noteworthy, and enjoyed high praise from listeners and critics. Hosting costs are too much to keep on my own, so thankfully John, Jesse, and Cullen said I could upload them here. If you've never listened before, or are revisiting the shows, I hope you enjoy.

A Brief Escape was a series about the people, projects, and communities inspired by video games. The first three episodes featured three stories focused on the same themes -- Pokemon, Zelda, and the idea of Continuing. The remaining episodes featured one story with guests making their own games, writing fanfiction, covering horror games, and archiving a medium that never looks back. Music for the show was sourced mostly from OCRemix, with artist permission acquired when possible. Art varied with each episode, with permanent artwork created by John Ryan Abbott.


Skybox is an interview series currently on hiatus, featuring independent games in development, whether they're proof of concept, nearing release, or somewhere in-between. It's edited in a style similar to A Brief Escape, with an original soundtrack by Emily Meo and artwork by Mila Pokorny. Other music featured in the episodes were provided by the developers. Each episode featured unique stories of inspiration, from biking across America to living in an 84-sq ft. tiny house.